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  •  All Japanese Magazines and Comics
  •  10,000 of Japanese popular and latest comics
  •  20 varieties of Japanese Magazines
  •  Soft drinks, juice, coffee and tea
  •  Computers connecting to the Internet with Japanese fonts, Wifi also available



  • $4 for 1 hour, $6 for 2 hours, $8 for 3 hours 
  • then $1 every 20 minutes
  • $1 for drink
  • Cash only


Japanese comic lists - open the Japanese pages, you may not see them because of no Japanese fonts in your computer

Male 1 - Shueisha, Koudansha

Male 2 - Shougakukan, others

Female 1 - Shueisha, Koudansha

Female 2 - Shougakukan, others



Comic magazines

Weekly Monthly
Shounen Jump Jump Square
Shounen Magazine Shounen Magazine
Shounen Sunday
Shounen Champion
Shounen Champion Bessatsu Margarett
Young Jump  
Young Magazine Cookie
Big Comic Spirits  

Non comic magazines

Weekly Monthly
Playboy Nonno
Josei(Woman) Seven Mens Nonno
Friday ViVi

Arrives on Wednesday


Drink menu

  • Cold drink - Cola, Lemonade, Lemon squash, Orange juice, Apple juice, Iced coffee, Japanese tea
  • Got drink - Coffee, Black tea, Hot chocolate, Oolong tea, Green tea


Other Service